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Abjad Centre: A Socio-Cultural Hub For Youth and Women in Bab Al Tabbaneh

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23 January 2019
Abjad Centre: A Socio-Cultural Hub For Youth and Women in Bab Al Tabbaneh
Lebanon, 23 January 2019 – Launched in August 2018, Abjad Centre is a place geared primarily towards vulnerable women, youth, and children and situated in the midst of Tripoli, specifically in Bab Al Tabbaneh. “It's quite a pleasure to see how vibrant Tabbaneh has become. It is great to see a project integrating UN agencies and local partners that exceeds vocational training,” said Philippe Lazzarini, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon during his visit to the centre, strongly commending the efforts of the agencies behind the implementation of the project: UN-Habitat, UN Women, and UNICEF. Not long ago, the three agencies joined hands to enhance the Human Security Approach within the hosting communities in Tripoli not only to respond to the complex nature of the security situation but also to address the possible future threat of events’ escalation. Ever since the onset of the refugee crisis, Tripoli was the most affected region in Lebanon and the comprehensive findings of the Tabbaneh Neighbourhood Profile were proof of that; revealing a dire need for a hub that acts as a socio-cultural space for youth and women. Now Abjad Centre has become the one sought-after place for all local NGOs to meet, conduct vocational training, and engage in cultural and prevention programs based on Human Security principles in the Shankal Project. Abjad Centre was launched through the generous funding of the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS).
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