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The contest opened on 1 September 2010 and closed on 15 October 2010.


Contest Details

“A Snapshot for Development” is looking for photos depicting people taking action to achieve any of the 8 Millennium Development Goals or challenges to the achievement of the MDGs.


The eight Goals are:

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Improve maternal health
Achieve universal primary education Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Promote gender equality and empower women Ensure environmental sustainability
Reduce child mortality Develop a Global Partnership for Development

Tell us what your country, city, village or community is doing to achieve the Goals or in which areas intervention is required.

The contest is open to youth aged 15-24 living in Lebanon. The competition is only available to amateur photographers and the pictures must be captured in Lebanon.

There will be 8 winners (1 winner per MDG), 1 big winner, and a “People’s Choice Award” where the public votes for their favorite photo online.


  1. Contestants must select ONE of the eight MDGs and submit a maximum of three photos in the selected Goal. The photos must have been taken in Lebanon in the past 24 months, since July 2008.

  2. Each photo shall be accompanied by a short text of 3-4 lines highlighting how it relates to the MDGs. The captions are a crucial part of the contest. We must know who is photographed, where the people photographed live, what they are doing and what change they hope to see as a result.

  3. Contestants must possess all copyrights of their images.

  4. The contest is open to youth aged 15-24 living in Lebanon. Staff, including immediate family members, working in the UN system is not qualified to participate in the contest.

  5. Entry is free of charge.

  6. All entries not respecting the theme or the technical/authorship requirements set out below will be systematically ruled out.

Contestants must submit their pictures through both of the below channels:

  1. Upload the photo on: www.un.org.lb/photocompetition/upload.aspx

  2. Send a hardcopy in the format 20x30 to:
    UNRCO/ Photocompetition
    Arab African International Bank Bldg,
    Riad El Solh Street,
    Nejmeh, Beirut 2011 5211

Material Specifications

  • Negative and digital photos will be accepted, in black/white and color.
  • Digital submissions should be a minimum size of 3,000 pixels in length at 300 dpi non-interpolated. If digital, file sizes should be more than 1MB.
  • No photo should in any way be digitally altered or enhanced except for basic cropping. The content and context of the image should in no way be altered, enhanced or manipulated.

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