UNIC Beirut, ‘Bassma’ NGO Launch World Family Month with Vibrant Dialogue Sessions

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15 May 2019
UNIC Beirut, ‘Bassma’ NGO Launch World Family Month with Vibrant Dialogue Sessions
Under the theme “Social and Economic Challenges of Lebanese Families”, the UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Beirut partnered with ‘Bassma’ NGO in launching the World Family Month and celebrating International Day of Families through thematic open dialogues. 

The event is part of an ongoing partnership between UNIC Beirut and ‘Bassma’ launched in 2016 to promote the UN International Day of Families, and the Sustainable Development Goals among other UN values and priorities. 
The event, which was held under the patronage and in the presence of Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs Richard Kouyoumjian, featured a short video of Bassma’s 2018 achievements in the field of education, healthcare, food and housing, in addition to keynote speeches by the Minister and Bassma Founder and President Sandra Klat. 

Three interactive dialogue sessions were convened by a distinguished panel of experts and policy-makers, who engaged with the audience in a vivacious discussion on the daunting challenges facing Lebanese families, notably unemployment and cost of living, decent housing, and inclusive education.  

This year’s World Family Month aims at raising public awareness on the need to empower deprived families to reach self-sufficiency and promote healthy family bonds. It encompasses a one-month social media campaign called ‘Carry them and their Dreams’, to galvanize public support to the most destitute families and help them fight poverty, hunger, illiteracy and delinquency.

The launch event was attended by around 100 people, including Members of the Parliament and other government officials, academics, experts on social and economic issues as well as representatives of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the private sector.

 “Underprivileged families have the power to become self-sufficient and shape the society we live in, if only adequate resources and opportunities are provided,” highlighted Minister Kouyoumdjian in his speech. “Healthy Families are the pillars of a healthy society,” said Klat from her end. “Every person has the right to live in dignity and deserves a chance to achieve his/her potential,” she added.